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Your Driver Health is Your Livelihood

Do you know that if your blood pressure is not at a healthy level, it can affect your CDL recertification?

A blood pressure level of 140/90 or lower is the Department of Transportation's new guideline. Don't risk your CDL, or your health.

CDL Health provides appointment and health compliance reminders to keep you on the road.

More Powerful PinPoint Locator

More locations relevant to your every day job can now be at the tip of your fingertips on any device.

As a member, CDLHealth makes it simple to find Certified Medical Examiners focused on your professional needs, along with a other locations like DMVs and Labs close to you.

Track CDL Health Metrics

Earn points and badges with an easy-to-use health tracker focused around CDL health requirements.

You keep business moving. The world relies on you operating at your best, and CDLHealth.com is here to keep you at your healthiest.

Up-To-Date Job Board

Stay in tune with hundreds of jobs updated daily.

By investing in your health, you can maximize your field of opportunities. CDLHealth JobWorks™ can put your profile in front of prospective employers, and give you access to hundreds of job opportunities.

Staying Your Healthiest is Easier Than Ever

Easily re-order the right medications, keep your eye prescription up-to-date, update your health history, and more.

Whether you have high blood pressure, overactive bladder, pain management, or simply want to stay in the best health you can, CDL Health offers you tools at your fingertips to keep your health on target.

Stay Connected with Your Health Provider

CDLHealth maintains your health provider connections.

Sending a message to your preferred health provider or requesting any type of health appointment including a DOT CDL Physical Exam, Chiropractic adjustment, or routine visit is done in just a couple clicks or taps.

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