CDL Health | Life in Transit

A Powerful Platform

That supports the health of every segment of the freight transport market.


CDL Health is the premier information and insights platform for the trucking, freight and logistics industries, with specialized solutions designed to drive business growth, support driver wellness, and provide simplicity for medical professionals and other health-based businesses committed to a better life in transit.


A suite of synergistic solutions, the power of the CDL Health platform is in its integration of applications that are equally applicable to several audiences, delivering greater utility collectively and driving exponential value for all constituencies across the logistics market.

CDL Health is a set of cloud-based solutions for employers, commercial drivers and medical examiners that delivers an aggregate view of the health and wellness of the workforce; compliance with state, federal and company guidelines for health and safety; and certifications, resources and services in support of healthier freight-based businesses.


Specific services include:

  • PinPoint™ Locator - Find approved medical examiners, service centers and more
  • ExamPro™ - A complete CDL health examination, certification and reporting system
  • JobWorks™ - Talent management tools, post and search job listings and load boards
  • CertiFast™ - Review certifications, endorsements and ratings and ensure driver compliance
  • Randomizer™ - Automated management of medical, drug and health and safety testing



  • Healthier drivers
  • Better communication
  • Greater efficiency
  • Mitigate risk
  • Contain costs

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  • Improved health
  • Ensure compliance
  • Better jobs
  • More resources
  • Convenient access

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  • Broader exposure
  • More customers
  • Increased revenue
  • Simplified processes
  • Greater confidence

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