CDL Health Membership

Membership Unlocks Community

When you become a CDL Health member, you immediately gain access to a leading network of the top trucking industry employers, a community of highly-qualified drivers and access to preferred health care practitioners anywhere. Membership includes our innovative technology tools and financial and insurance products tailored to the unique needs of executives and operators in the transportation, freight, logistics and delivery industries, and the healthcare providers who care for them. Every member also enjoys a free subscription to the informative ‘In Transit' magazine, your source for transportation news and health resources for the trucking and freight industries. Shift your business into high gear today with a CDL Health membership.

How You Benefit


  • Access to the best drivers and top-qualified candidates.
  • Scalability to deliver value for any sized employer as your needs grow.
  • Deliver premium service and support to your staff, making yours the place to work.
  • Tools for managing testing, screening, compliance and much more.


  • Access to the best jobs with the top employers.
  • Exclusive member tools and access to high-quality care providers to help maintain your health.
  • Track your personal health goals and retain your medical information for easy retrieval anywhere.
  • Enjoy location-based services to support your needs on the road.
  • Compliance tools, insurance quotes, load boards and much more.


  • Access to available employer networks to expand your customer base – and the bottom line.
  • Location-based advertising opportunities highlight your local business.
  • Exclusive insurance rates for member health care practitioners, Pharmaceutical programs, medical networks, partner merchandise and much more.