CDL Health CertiFast™

CertiFast™ Knowledge is Power

CDL Health CertiFast™ is one of the industry's surest ways to ascertain whether top driver job candidates are truly qualified, certified and bona fide before you make the hire. Our quick, easy and accurate CDL Health CertiFast tool delivers real-time knowledge about certifications, endorsements and ratings to ensure that only the best people join your team. The ease and convenience of reviewing digital motor vehicle records (MVRs) means fewer challenges for employers and more time on the road for drivers, meaning everyone meets their goals faster.

  • Federal Compliance: CDL Health CertiFast eliminates your concern about meeting Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) compliance requirements. We help employers mitigate risk and minimize liability by ensuring drivers are safe and clean. From criminal background checks to speeding tickets and DUIs, CDL Health CertiFast provides instant access to the information employers need to stay safe on the road to profitability.
  • Faster Hiring: Digital speed means faster success for everyone when elite drivers and top employers can quickly share and review driving records and drug screening results. CDL Health delivers the instant access that drives successful outcomes more swiftly.
  • Custom Solutions: CDL Health goes beyond simply checking MVR data. We deliver custom solutions focused on the authentication of driver certifications designed to meet your specific needs. Contact us for tiered package options.

How You Benefit


  • Efficient hiring process with easy recruiting and onboarding management tools.
  • Hire the best with a select driver pool of pre-qualified, CDL approved operators.
  • Real-time information with instantly updated driver records and endorsement posting.


  • Communicate your credentials with updated driving records and endorsement posting.
  • Differentiation from other drivers helps you stand out and get the best work.


  • Easily manage background checks for employees, contractors and other staff/partners/vendors.