CDL Health Randomizer™

Randomizer™ Accuracy and Fairness

Managing the critically-important process of random substance abuse screening tests and annual certification testing is a real challenge for many transportation employers. With the CDL Health Randomizer, a comprehensive test management tool, employers enjoy a managed solution for ensuring the safety of their workforce. Our Randomizer tool randomly selects employees to be tested for drug and alcohol use, removing the potential for bias, errors and oversights in the testing process. The system sends those selected a notification that they are required to be tested, provides information about approved testing locations, manages scheduling and delivers employers peace of mind.

  • Digital Notifications: The modern mobile workforce requires digital alerts and push notifications sent directly to your drivers’ smartphones, tablets and other devices. Simple, seamless communications helps employers make certain everyone knows when it’s time to get tested.
  • Calendaring: Our comprehensive calendar tool ensures the right people are tested at the right time so critical deadlines don’t get missed. Pre-set scheduling tools can be activated to reserve appointments with pre-approved laboratories and other medical providers, bringing drivers and doctors together to make sure the testing gets done.
  • Eliminating Bias: Our automated system ensures everyone gets screened, helping to eliminate the possibility of impropriety. With CDL Health Randomizer, everyone gets tested.
  • Scalability: Whether transportation employers have dozens of drivers or thousands of employees, we provide a solution that scales with your needs. With tools for managing batch testing, we ensure both permanent and seasonal workers get tested for substance abuse so everyone stays safe every day.

How You Benefit


  • Eliminate potential for testing inconsistencies or profiling with random employee selection.
  • Integration with CDL Health PinPoint™ and other tools for calendaring and notifications.
  • Ensure non-CDL employees are tested for substance abuse, continuing education, etc.


  • Remain compliant with employer-required examinations so you stay on the road.
  • Find CMEs and other test sites with easy turn-by-turn directions and ETA calculators.
  • Quick communications with corporate offices makes it easy to stay in contact and in compliance.


  • Easily identify drivers in need of screening.
  • Simplified appointment scheduling.
  • Administer drug screenings with confidence with tips for meeting all requirements.