CDL Health ExamPro™

ExamPro™ Compliance and Reporting

CDL Health offers ExamPro™, a self-contained electronic medical record (EMR) management and reporting system to administer CDL exams, deliver digital certificates and comply with health examination reporting requirements. With special controls isolating personal and professional health data, CDL Health ExamPro meets the needs of drivers and health care providers with tools that make the exam process easier for both. CDL Health delivers a painless health certification process in a heartbeat.

Automated Reporting: Streamlined digital reporting functionality reduces medical staff time spent delivering certifications and meeting regulatory reporting compliance mandates by more swiftly and accurately validating examinations and routing documentation to the appropriate local, state and federal agencies.

  • Pre-Registration: Pre-populating health history information, including pre-existing conditions, prior surgeries and current prescription medications, in advance of an exam saves time for drivers and health care practitioners alike. Easy online tools enable drivers to share information and health care concerns from the road, turning their CDL exam into nothing more than a quick pit stop.
  • Guided Examinations: CDL Health ExamPro™ features an exclusive guided process that eliminates guesswork and ensures health care providers meet the requisite government and insurance requirements when administering CDL health examinations. The easy step-by-step process is beneficial for medical staff who may not conduct CDL exams on a daily basis, providing stress-free assurance that exams are done right every time.

How You Benefit


  • Confidence that CDL exams conducted by certified and approved CMEs.
  • Establish pre-approved network providers to limit costs.
  • Deploy freight faster with rapid receipt of driver exam results.
  • Manage costs and compliance with easy reporting and analysis features.


  • Access your medical history anywhere; your data goes wherever you do.
  • Enjoy consistent healthcare service wherever your next load takes you.
  • Save time by pre-registering online for less paperwork at the visit.
  • Helps keep the distinction between employment and family medical records.


  • Convey confidence and certainty with guided steps and support tools at your fingertips.
  • Enjoy the simplicity of pre-registered patients, easy certificate print and medical history retention.
  • Improve exam efficiency over time with easy reporting and analysis features.