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Grow your fleet, sell your supply and support your business with CMVTrader, your source for finding, buying, leasing and selling new and used commercial motor vehicles, trucks and trailers. CMVTrader delivers an easy-to-use platform for advertising and acquiring vehicles, and accessing financing, insurance and maintenance services. CMVTrader makes life in transit more accessible than ever.

  • Digital Notifications: The modern mobile workforce requires digital alerts and push notifications sent directly to your drivers’ smartphones, tablets and other devices. Simple, seamless communications helps employers make certain everyone knows when it’s time to get tested.
  • Calendaring: Our comprehensive calendar tool ensures the right people are tested at the right time so critical deadlines don’t get missed. Pre-set scheduling tools can be activated to reserve appointments with pre-approved laboratories and other medical providers, bringing drivers and doctors together to make sure the testing gets done.
  • Eliminating Bias: Our automated system ensures everyone gets screened, helping to eliminate the possibility of impropriety. With CDL Health Randomizer, everyone gets tested.
  • Scalability: Whether transportation employers have dozens of drivers or thousands of employees, we provide a solution that scales with your needs. With tools for managing batch testing, we ensure both permanent and seasonal workers get tested for substance abuse so everyone stays safe every day.

How You Benefit


  • Find your next commercial motor vehicle
  • Compare several similar truck/trailer models
  • Explore easy-to- use purchase cost calculators
  • Get competitive rates for financing and insurance
  • Access a wide range of available trucks/trailers
  • Sell your private vehicle(s)


  • Liquidate your vehicles at the end of their lifespan
  • Manage your inventory and go to market fast
  • Affordable packages to promote your used trucks
  • Get detailed data insights about your inventory
  • Exclusive access to pricing recommendations
  • Review bids to buy while your vehicle is on the road


  • Showcase your vehicle inventory and reach ready-to- buy drivers
  • Get notifications from interested buyers
  • 100% satisfaction assured, no risk guarantee
  • Fulfill buyer wish lists
  • Advertise your location and maintenance services
  • Gain incremental revenue from direct financing


CMVTrader offers a unique commercial truck and trailer advertising platform for drivers, fleet owners and dealers. CMVTrader provides the industry’s most comprehensive exchange for new and used commercial motor vehicle sales with easy-to- use vehicle promotion and search functionality, real-time inventory tracking, comparison shopping tools, competitive advertising rates and much more. A subsidiary of CDLHealth, the leading provider of health services for CDL drivers, employers and the providers who care for them, CMVTrader is the most convenient and cost effective platform for finding, buying, leasing and selling commercial vehicles and accessing financing, insurance and maintenance services. Get started at


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